Ghizlan Guenez

Ghizlan Guenez

  • Country:UAE
  • Field:E-commerce: Fashion Retail
  • Title:Founder & CEO | The Modist

How you got started:

Launched The Modist on March 8, 2017 after a year of setting up the business, to create the first destination in luxury e-commerce that curates fashion from global brands for women who dress modestly. The Modist caters to women globally who prefer to dress in a more demure and modest manner across faiths, age groups, backgrounds and walks of life and builds a community of women with shared values including their love for modesty and fashion. The idea of the business comes from a personal place and experience, having lived and known women who dress this manner all my life and having been one myself. Our shopping experience has always been frustrating and time consuming and despite millions of women dressing this way, there isn't a single elevated platform that caters to this customer in a fashionable and relevant manner. The business has an incredible team of women and men behind it who are experts in their fields and who drive the business with a lot of knowledge of the customer and the digital world as well as a lot of passion for our purpose which is around 'choice' and the idea that exercising one's choice, be it to cover or bear, is empowering. We also are passionate about creating a dialogue through what we do, especially our online magazine, The Mod, that empowers and celebrates women, diversity and inclusiveness.

Notable achievements:

There are many moments. There has been a very generous amount of coverage of The Modist that was humbling at such a young age including being included as one of four e-commerce businesses globally to be considered "new wave of e-commerce contenders to watch" by the New York Times. Also, being included by Business of Fashion in the BOF500 list of 2018 people shaping the fashion industry was an extraordinary moment.

Something people don't know about you:

I don't come from a fashion or retail background and have spent my entire career in finance. I was however always obsessed with fashion, magazines, what's on the runway, but solely as a woman, consumer and fashion enthusiast. Being an outsider always brings a different perspective but the learning has been very exciting.