Matthew Benjamin & James Siggers

Matthew Benjamin & James Siggers

  • Country:UK/UAE
  • Field:Luxury Retail
  • Title:Co-Founders | Benjamin Siggers

How you got started:

Matthew: Born and raised in London, England, I have lived in Dubai since May 2012. After graduating with an MBA in Luxury Management from the International University of Monaco, I started my career in luxury menswear at the world's largest custom clothing company in the world in 2010. In 2012, I initiated the brands expansion to the Middle East, where I became the youngest person to open and lead an office in the company's history. I always felt the entrepreneurial itch to create and build something of my own. Upon meeting my now-business partner, James Siggers, while at the previous company, it was in 2017 that we took the leap to establish our own bespoke menswear brand, Benjamin Siggers, with sustainability being a focus.

James: Born in Sydney, Australia and with English heritage, I have resided in Dubai for the past four years since relocating from London. Graduating with a degree in Geography from Newcastle University, I took an unexpected career turn when I began my career in 2014 at the world's largest custom clothing company, going on to work with hundreds of clients across the UAE. After realising through my work the demand for bespoke tailored menswear and the devastating environmental cost of the fashion industry, my now-business partner, Matthew Benjamin, and I were compelled to create a bespoke menswear brand with sustainability at its heart, intertwining our values and names to form Benjamin Siggers.

Notable achievements:

Matthew: My biggest achievement would be making a record sale of Dhs393,000 worth of clothing to one guy in Dubai. Hiring our first two Benjamin Siggers employees is my proudest by far.

James: Selling two suits for Dhs65,000 each in under 15 mins to a high profile Emirati is my most notable achievement and my proudest has been starting Benjamin Siggers.

Something people don't know about you:

Matthew: Despite all the bespoke suits I've had made and given to charity along the way, I still own the very first suit I bought myself. An off-the-peg navy three-button from TM Lewin. I haven't worn it since 2010 but has sentimental value and it reminds me where I came from.

James: I've never thrown away a tie. I have a hefty collection, each one is like a memento.