The charming Whitepod eco-luxury hotel

The charming Whitepod eco-luxury hotel

Nestled in the charming Swiss village of Les Geittes

Image: Whitepod

Surrounded by a blanket of sparkling white snow and panoramic mountain views, is the new eco-friendly luxury hotel, Whitepod

Lying in the heart of the Swiss Alps is the latest in unconventional accommodation. The Whitepod eco-luxury hotel is situated in the tranquil area of Les Geittes and houses its guests within 15 geodesic-dome pods that surround a central chalet and restaurant.  

Each unique space is anchored to a wooden platform that offers a furnished terrace in which to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss mountains. Standard rooms are furnished with a king-sized bed, a fully fitted bathroom, wood burning stove, kettle and mezzanine floor while family rooms features the same amenities. Each pod can comfortably accommodate 2-4 individuals.

Large windows allow copious amounts of natural light to shine through to the interior of each pod, providing a dramatic panoramic setting of the surrounding environment. Due to the natural location of the hotel, Whitepod is able to facilitate its guests to a diverse range of outdoor activities, creating a one-of-a-kind  atmosphere of camping and a holiday retreat. 

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