Is this the beginning of 'Space Tourism'?

Is this the beginning of 'Space Tourism'?

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Image: World View Experience

Travelling to almost 20 miles above the Earth's surface, a company in America is working on an outer space transport concept set to become a reality in 2016

We have already been well acquainted with Richard Branson's space hotels concept, but now a new method of travel to them has been suggested in the shape of hot air balloons that offer an other worldly way of transport.

Arizona-based World View Enterprises expects to launch the first World View flights, billed by the company as a “transformative space travel experience”. Obviously less powerful than rockets, the service will rely on a huge, high-altitude balloon to lift a pressurised capsule to around 100,000ft.

From that height, almost 20 miles above the planet’s surface, a select group of six passengers and two crew members will be able to admire the curvature of the planet we call home, and the infinity of space beyond it.

Its passengers will also be able to share their thoughts with friends down on Earth below – as the capsule will be equipped with internet access enabling live tweets and Instagram updades galore.

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