Buro loves: Five of the world's most beautiful beaches

Buro loves: Five of the world's most beautiful beaches

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It's the start of the working week and there's only one place you want to be – the beach. Here Buro 24/7 Middle East dives into five of the most breathtaking beaches on the planet, if not for your next vacation, at least via some pretty pictures during your break...

Scala dei Turchi, Sicily 

Snow-white rocks surround the Sicilian beach Scala dei Turchi, which aptly translates to "Staircase of the Turks", think cascading stairs down both sides of the beach. Here you can sunbathe and enjoy views of the seas, read, take photos and wander barefoot through the limestone stairs. The long sandy beach and crystal clear sea combine a wonderful climate too — which, is just an hour's drive from Palermo. 

Top five: Amazing beaches

Top five: Amazing beaches

Playa De Amor, Mexico

Tucked away on the Mexican island of Marietta is Puerto Vallarta beach, where little more than a century ago members of the Mexican government conducted their training sessions. Today however, this extraordinarily hidden, and most importantly clean beach, welcomes tourists from all over the world. 

Tour organisers can thank the influx of visitors (more in the past few years than ever before) to social networks. "Before Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, Playa De Amor still was just another wild beach," said Ventura Osorio, Chief Tour Officer. To get to the beach, which has been renamed Playa De Amor, "Beach of Love", you have to swim through a short tunnel too. Tres chic!

Playa De Amor

Playa de Gulpiyuri, Spain

Not far from Llanes in the north of Spain, is a flooded sinkhole with an inland beach located around 100 metres from the Cantabrian Sea. Roughly 40 metres in length, it is fully tidal due to a series of underground tunnels carved by the salt water from the Bay of Biscay, creating small picture perfect waves. This hot spot is also a popular tourist destination, natural monument, and part of Spain's Regional Network of Protected Natural Areas. This means it's rarely quiet, so check with the locals on the best time to visit if you're reluctant to share.

Playa de Gulpiyuri

Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

Located at the southern tip of the island of Hawaii, Papakolea Beach is known as "Green Sandwich Beach" for a reason. Instead of playing host to the usual golden shade of sand, the particles here have a rich olive hue. This is due to the semi-precious stone beryl crystals that have formed from its volcanic surroundings — making the act of taking any as a souvenir strictly prohibited. The beach is surrounded by cliffs, with one side opening out to the Pacific Ocean — hint this bay is known for particularly good surfing opportunities.

Top five: Amazing beaches

Top five: Amazing beaches

Pink Beach, Bermuda

Bermuda's famous pink beaches never fail to surprise tourists. The phenomenon is particularly apparent at the interval of two bays — Horseshoe and Warwick-Long. The waters here have the typical tropical hues of turquoise and blue, sometimes with an emerald tint, but as the sun goes down everything goes millennial pink. Locals here believe that the best time to witness it is between April and October.

Top five: Amazing beaches

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