The Ritz Carlton DIFC's art discovery package

The Ritz Carlton DIFC's art discovery package

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Image: The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton based in the Dubai International Financial Centre is offering a new package to its guests, created to showcase the luxury hotel's burgeoning art collection...

The package on offer by the chic hotel includes over 20 new sculptures that have just arrived, on loan from the Opera Gallery in Dubai. The 'Discover with You' tour by the hotel chain renowned for luxurious travel opportunities invites guests to explore the artworks in a typically unique way – enjoying a private walk-through of the hotel's own collection, all the while guided by a gallery representative. 

The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC has an impressive art collection of its own, too – with over 100 paintings on display around the hotel.  The selection is complemented by a diverse range of around 30 sculptures, which Opera Gallery rotates on a quarterly basis. 

This month in particular has seen 20 new sculptures from internationally-renowned artists including Laurence Jenkell, Frederico Uribe and Mauro Corda – highlights of which include 'Jack the Dog' by French artist Fabienne Arietti, a striking yet elegant bright purple Bull Terrier that welcomes guests to the lobby, and L'Espadon by Mauro Corda, a three metre long Aluminum swordfish that sits in the stunning waterfall in The Sunken Garden. 

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