The luxury hotel that floats down the Amazon River

The luxury hotel that floats down the Amazon River

Aria Amazon

Editor: Buro 24/7

Discover the new luxurious way to explore the remote beauty of the Amazon River – Aria Amazon – the new floating hotel designed by Peruvian architect, Jordi Puig...

As river cruises go, the new Aria Amazon hotel is a serious contender for one of the most desirable floating beds we have seen. The sleek design is a co-creation between Aqua Expeditions and Peruvian architect, Jordi Puig, offering 16 cabins for passengers-come-guests, on a once in a lifetime journey from Iquitos, Peru to a variety of destinations downstream, depending on a three, four or seven night stay. 

The five star experience offers outstanding views of the river and the lush jungle river-banks through floor to ceiling windows. There is also a bar, lounge, jacuzzi and exercise room on board, as well as stunning dining experiences. Intrepid waters, made luxurious. Discover more via our gallery below...