The 'Krystall' glass-roofed snowflake hotel

The 'Krystall' glass-roofed snowflake hotel

Set to be based in Tromso, Norway

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Image: Dutch Docklands

With a view – quite literally – to watch the Northern Lights appear across the sky, a Norwegian hotel is in the works... Shaped like a snowflake

Those who dream of seeing the Northern Lights dramatically appear in their dark green glory will have the opportunity to do in a hugely novel way come 2017 – from a glass-roofed, snowflake-shaped floating hotel.

Developed by Dutch Docklands, a company that specialises in the construction of floating structures, the 'Krystall' hotel will be a luxury property based near Tromso in the North of Norway – one of the best places in the world from which to witness the Northern Lights.

Construction of the 86-bedroom hotel is expected to start in next year, with the hotel due to open 18 months later.

snowflake hotel

Inspired in part by the floating houses already in the Netherlands, the property will be built with a concrete base, and in addition the light show, guests will have access to the expected pleasures of a five-star hotel.

Dutch Docklands has yet to confirm which hospitality group is backing the project or how much it is expected to cost.

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