Royal Mansour offers guests an exclusive Wellness Week

Royal Mansour offers guests an exclusive Wellness Week

Relax and rejuvenate

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The Royal Mansour in Marrakech is offering its guests a Wellness Week from January 20 – 26, to start the New Year right

What better way to kick off the New Year than feeling happy, healthy and totally rejuvenated? The Royal Mansour Marrakech - a completely breathtaking hotel in Marrakech, Morocco - is offering its guests an exclusive Wellness Week from January 20-26. The Royal Mansour captures the true essence of Moroccan tradition, and is a testimony to Moroccan architecture, design and craftsmanship - adorned with traditional Moroccan mosaics, high arches, fountains throughout, a traditional medina, and the buildings, squares and gardens all interspersed with winding paths that could leave you wandering for ages.

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During its Wellness week, the hotel is offering its guests a meeting of several universally known therapists to offer their expertise - from a holistic approach to healthy living, to a more practical approach. Expect morning conferences, individual appointments with the specialised therapists, as well as full access to the hotels incredible spa facilities.

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The participating experts presented will include:


Reflexologist, David Tran: president of the Institute of Reflexology, Paris: is the founder of Tao Wei method of Chinese medicine, based on the principles of art, science and philosophy. 

Reflexologist, Laurent Tran: specialist in facial reflexology and Thai massage, Professor at the Franco Chinese Institute of reflexology and the Free Faculty of natural medicine of Paris. His techniques aim to improve concentration, enhance memory, reduce wrinkles and headaches while providing a real radiance to the face.

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Masseuse-Physiotherapist, Sandrine d'Agostino: trained in the Mézières Method, she offers a full physiotherapeutic diagnosis, using her knowledge of, and respect for, the anatomy and human physiology to tailor a combination of treatments for the whole body. 

Qi Gong Professor, Dr Catherine Bitker: doctor in Economics, Medicine and a Specialist in Public Health. She has devoted herself to the practice and teaching of Qi Gong, the science of breathing, based on the knowledge and control of energy and on breathing and concentration exercises.

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Not such a bad way to start 2014!


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