Mahali Mzuri: Sir Richard Branson's safari camp in Kenya

Mahali Mzuri: Sir Richard Branson's safari camp in Kenya

A luxury African adventure...

Image: Mahali Mzuri

Opening last year, the Mahali Mzuri safari is Sir Richard Branson's concept, located in the Motorogi Conservancy within the Maasai Mara ecosystem

Reflecting his well-known love of animals great and small, Richard Branson's new project, Mahali Mzuri, has been set up in collaboration with the local Maasai communities in Kenya and a limited number of other tourism partners. With a key priority to leave as minimal a footprint as possible on the land and to promote low density tourism, it effectively creates less pressure on the environment.

Branson's team has been working with the Maasai since the beginning of the concept, employing staff from the local communities and surrounding areas.

The camp is actually comprised of 20 elevated suites, each specially designed for minimal interference with the surrounding bush landscape. The structures resemble luxury tents, and include amenities like on-site infinity pools and spa treatments alongside guided tours of the rolling plains. Quite frankly nailing the intimately luxe approach, Mahali Mzuri was created to accommodate up to just 24 people at a time – a small enough number for an engaging, yet serene getaway. 

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