The luxury Pop-Up Hotel at Glastonbury

The luxury Pop-Up Hotel at Glastonbury

Happy campers

Image: The Pop-Up Hotel

Those who shy away from the great outdoors at music festivals have a luxurious option when it comes to the moving Pop-Up Hotel concept, allowing guests privacy and peace away from the crowds...

The Pop-Up Hotel is a constantly 'on the move' concept that consists of nearly 150 tents – which annually appear on the eve of the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts – being held this weekend in the South West of England. The temporary residences first launched at the music festival (and many others since) back in 2011, revolutionising the experience for festival goers.

A hotel with all the hallmarks of a luxury boutique resort, the Pop-Up Hotel has a reception area, a spacious lounge and restaurant that caters for nearly 200 people, a comfortable bathing complex and even a spa. 

The smallest of the 150 residential tents covers an area of ​​16 square metres and can accommodate three to five guests... Whereas the most impressive luxury suite occupies 2,000 square metres and can accommodate up to eight guests at a cost of just less than nine thousand pounds.

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