The Paris hotel that aims to specifically attract an Arabic clientele

The Paris hotel that aims to specifically attract an Arabic clientele

Le Royal Monceau offers a bespoke service for Muslims

Image: The Luxe Insider
Image: Le Royal Monceau

One of Paris' most distinct hotels, the Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, has introduced a wave of Islamic and Arabic features to attract the increasingly influential wealthy Arab traveller

Owned by GCC company Katara Hospitality, Le Royal Monceau was awarded the rare official 'Palace Distinction' – one step higher than five stars – last year, and is planning to appeal to a wealthy Muslim clientele who are escaping the Gulf's summer heat.

With Ramadan-friendly suites and menus, there is an entirely halal Iftar selection as well as special suhoor and breakfast menus on offer, plus Arabic TV channels to all rooms and guests can request Qurans, Kiblas, prayer mats and prayer schedules at the main mosques in Paris, as well as ask for majlis, a traditional seating area, to be set-up in their suite.

"Nobody can ignore it; they're a very important traveller," said Ömer Acar, Managing Director of the hotel. "Paris has been one of the GCC's top destinations for years and we'd like to get our market share in that business. It's very, very important to have." he continued, before concluding, "My team is very well trained to understand the [Islamic] needs. The difference is, coming to a hotel and not feeling like you have to ask for a prayer mat or locate Makkah; the hotel is providing that service for you."

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