The Icehotel reopens in Sweden for its best year yet

The Icehotel reopens in Sweden for its best year yet

Celebrating 25 years

Celebrating its landmark silver anniversary, the Icehotel promises that this year will be "the best hotel they've ever made" – featuring 16 unique artist designed suites...

The Icehotel has opened for its 25th season. Lodged within the arctic circle in Swedish Lapland, in the village of Jukkasjärvi, the popular pop-up hotel has opened its glacial doors and is receiving visitors once again. Following the return of sub-zero temperatures, 1,600 tonnes of  ice and snow have been retrieved from the nearby Torne River to construct 16 unique, artist-designed suites. 

The designs for each year's hotel are carefully selected from over 100 proposals sent in by designers and artists from around the world. This year is no different. Arne Bergh, Creative Director, says they considered making the 25th year a best-of rendition of previous years. "In the end we decided that we should stick with our original line; we never do the same thing twice, it takes all the fun out of it."

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Last season saw a one-of-a-kind suite, designed by French designers Les Ateliers de Germaine, adorned with a creative relief of the rooftops of Paris carved out of the interior walls. Bergh continues "Every year, we think 'this has to be the best hotel we've ever made', and I'm sure this year will be no different - we're really excited about the ideas that were submitted for the 25th hotel."

42 artists from 11 countries have been involved in the design and construction of the suites, which have been formed around themes such as love and seasonal change as well as the baroque and gothic architectural eras. 'Abject Beauty' sees five intricate anatomical sculptures appearing to emerge from the walls,  creating what the Swedish designers, Lotta Lampa and Julie Gamborg, describe as "a world within the world...a captivating space."

'Time Piece' looks like the inner cogs and wheels of a clock, while 'Prime Mate' transports the guest into a lush rainforest. In the suite 'Hot Type', guests will sleep in the midst of the printing process. A commemoration to the art of printmaking, at the same time a play on the words 'hot type' and 'cold setting' used in traditional printing technique. 

Aside from new design and art work, the hotel will also feature a new event hall, bar area and workshop for ice sculpting classes. The theatre, Aurora Hall, will be created using a new building technique whereby ice is casted on to a giant balloon, making for natural light and acoustics that are different to the other areas of the hotel.

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