Icehotel offers guests the opportunity to design their own bespoke suite

Icehotel offers guests the opportunity to design their own bespoke suite

Based 200km north of the Arctic Circle

Image: Icehotel

The Icehotel is offering guests the chance to design and develop their own unique suite with the launch of a new ‘haute couture service’

Every Spring, 5,000 tons of ice are harvested from the Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden, and kept in storage until November when they are used for the development of a unique hotel. The Icehotel, now in its 24th season, hosts an estimated 50,000 guests a year before disappearing for the summer when the weather heats up. Artists from far and wide approach the hotel to express their interest in designing the individual suites - and only a handful of applications make the cut.

Now, for the first time, guests will have the chance to stay in the comfort of a suite designed to their own specific taste with the launch of the Icehotel's 'haute couture service'.   

For a fee of 850,000 AED, the new initiative invites prospective visitors to submit their design ideas to the hotel - which will ultimately make a decision on the entries. The hotel staff will then travel to a convenient location to discuss the idea in a face-to-face consultation to discuss every last detail. Once the structure has been confirmed, the guest is welcomed to participate in the construction of the hotel (inclusive of accommodation during the project), or visit the suite once it has been completed. The personalised suite will be available exclusively to the guest throughout the season.

For more information you can enquire about the bespoke service via the company's website.