Here are five ways to be a better traveller post-lockdown

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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the travel industry – there’s simply no better way of putting it. Once restrictions lift across the world, it might bounce back but if there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that travelling will never be the same. But, that’s ok because those differences can lead up to good things. 

Known to have rebounded from past crises, the travel industry will perhaps see a lot more people be more cautious about how they travel next. We’ve listed five ways to consider before preparing for your next holiday. 


We’re all eagerly waiting for airports and borders to open however in the meantime, you can support your own local community through staycations.

The UAE is home to a plethora of award-winning hotels and resorts and whilst it remains easy to access, a staycation can be anything from a seaside escape to a desert getaway straight from your doorstep. Benefits? They include being able to pack and go spontaneously, plus it’s easy on the wallet.


Once we’re able to book flights and hop on a plane again, travel to those countries where over-tourism is not an issue. You’ll want to escape the crowds and find a sense of calmness and adventure. 


We may have a heightened sense of environmental optimism during the lockdown but we must continue to opt for a green recovery and lower our carbon footprint. Instead of wondering how to social distance yourselves at airports and on planes (if that’s even possible?), why not consider slow travel – travel at your own pace and space. Besides, travelling by car, train, boat or bike gives you the opportunity to discover more than what you actually planned for. 


Once you’ve reached your final destination, support those local businesses you come across when wandering the streets. They too, have been impacted by the pandemic and the simple fact is, they need us right now. There’s an opportunity for us to develop a meaningful relationship that is more than just transactional. 


The coronavirus crisis has led us to a more responsible way of living and these practices need to be implemented when travelling, too. Consider what you pack – it’ll make your travel experience much easier. Lose the stress, lose the weight, lose the burden.

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