The Four Seasons launch a bespoke luxury jet – take a look inside

The Four Seasons launch a bespoke luxury jet – take a look inside

Touring the world with the Four Seasons

The pleasures of staying at any of the world's Four Seasons destinations can now begin before arrival, thanks to the newly launched Four Seasons Jet. Find out more about the luxury on board and the exclusive travel itinerary of the new, bespoke aircraft...

The Four Seasons will become the first hotel group to launch its own fully branded private aircraft this year as The Four Seasons Jet prepares to take flight. The luxury hotel group has acquired and retrofitted a Boeing 757 jet in keeping with its hotel interiors. Passengers can now hop from one Four Seasons destination to another and never give up the comfort of its accommodating luxury. 

The jet features one cabin of exclusively leather upholstered wide seats, which recline for comfort, Bose noise cancelling earphones to plug into each passengers individual iPad for inflight entertainment. Mongolian cashmere blankets to snuggle up under and Bulgari amenity kits. A top chef will design meal plans specifically for passengers, featuring premium fresh ingredients and only the finest bubbles to accompany the culinary journey within a journey. Along with the chef and stewards, passengers have a journey manager, doctor, concierge and a photographer at their disposal also. 

The jet is currently being used for an exclusive 16-day 'Backstage with the Arts' tour that has a packed cultural itinerary, visiting some of Europe's most significant cultural attractions, including Milan's Teatro alla Scala and Istanbul's Hagia Sophia. Naturally all accommodation on the exclusive tour is in Four Seasons hotels. That particular trip was priced at £71,000 per person, to include all flights, meals and overnight stays. New packages are being designed for 2016 including a 24-day, around-the-world tour. Travellers will visit some of the Four Seasons most popular attractions such as the Taj Mahal and the beaches of Bora Bora. Prices start at £88,000 per person.

Take an exclusive sneak peek around the jet in the video below...