The Fogo island hotel in Canada

The Fogo island hotel in Canada

Promoting a peaceful life

Image: Saunders Architecture – © Alex Fradkin

An intriguing mix of nature and minimalism, inspired by its creators Saunders Architecture, is waiting to be discovered

With 29 rooms spread across four floors and a number of inviting amenities such as a library, outdoor hot spas, a private cinema theatre and an independent art gallery, the Fogo Island Inn, which is the latest addition to an ongoing arts residency programme, has recently opened its doors to the public.

Its unique design and ideal location in Canada have created the perfect opportunity for The Shorefast Foundation to strengthen the island's economic and cultural survival by taking advantage of contemporary, ecological and self-sustaining systems. 

All of the guest rooms face the ocean and a view of the Little Fogo Islands in the distance – ith the North Atlantic sea beyond.

The concept is thoroughly designed to embrace the land directly without impacting the adjacent rocks, lichens and berries, with a contemporary structure incorporating incredible quality in all the details of the exterior cell of the building, and brought to life with soft fabrics and warm materials for the interiors.    

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