Emirates up the ante announcing a new ‘railway style’ first-class cabin

Emirates up the ante announcing a new ‘railway style’ first-class cabin

For the Airbus A380

Emirates have proven that when it comes to in-flight luxury they are a force to be reckoned with as they announce its latest plans for a new first-class cabin that will offer even more privacy...

The world's largest airline, Emirates has re-entered the race for bigger, better personal luxury travel with an announcement that will see competitors worldwide stepping up to match what it has to offer. Its latest product comes in the form of an elegant new first-class cabin that will offer extra space and privacy at "commercially viable" rates. With a small percentage of luxury travellers willing to pay above and beyond for exclusive first-class suites in the sky, Emirates are enabling this with its latest cabins, including in their announcement that pricing will be around the same as the current cabins.

"The new first-class cabin is expected to unveil this year and it will be more commercially viable for passengers as the pricing will almost be the same," said Shaikh Majid Al Mualla, Emirates' divisional vice-president of commercial operations for the region.

Emirates' president, Tim Clark revealed in a statement last year that the airline was developing a new, exclusive first-class product that would be centred around the bedroom concept, which came after the unveiling of the 'Residence' cabin on rival Etihad Airways' A380

"Emirates has been a trendsetter in first-class, it has a first-comer's advantage. I don't think Etihad will create a dent in the first-class segment because Emirates has a bigger fleet. It's going to help Emirates with jam-and-jelly revenue where their bread and butter has been economy," said Mark Martin, founder and CEO of Dubai-based Martin Consulting in an interview with The National