The Burj Al Arab hotel's luxurious child-friendly amenities

The Burj Al Arab hotel's luxurious child-friendly amenities

The seven-star hotel goes the extra mile for its young guests

Image: Goldgenie

With services that include a private butler delivering a trolley filled with sweets to each room, there is nothing that the Burj Al Arab hasn’t thought of when it comes to pleasing its younger clientele

The famously seven-star Dubai hotel has revealed its newly expanded offering for children, which includes bespoke bed and beach attire and personalised child menus.

A unique element to the new and improved child-friendly facilities is the 21-inch iMacs and 24-carat gold iPads, which promise endless hours of entertainment. The exclusive gold iPads and iPhones are also available for sale at the hotel, with its Gold iPad 4G 64GB retailing at Dhs29,950 as well its Platinum iPhone 5s 64GB priced at Dhs28,980.

In addition to its opulent Apple electronics, in-suite gaming consoles are also available from Xbox 360's to the latest PlayStation.

"Luxury doesn't have an age limit," said Burj Al Arab General Manager, Heinrich Morio. "It is our job to create the ultimate experience for every Burj Al Arab guest."

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