'Yahoo Beauty' to launch under Bobbi Brown's direction

'Yahoo Beauty' to launch under Bobbi Brown's direction

The web giant's pretty new venture

Image: Yahoo Shine

Bobbi Brown has lent her name and expertise to a new project by Yahoo, to create an online presence focussed on the world of beauty

Yahoo is undertaking a digital relaunch strategy that includes categories under the web giant titled Beauty, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology, Travel and Food. Run by Bobbi Brown, the digital beauty magazine element in particular – to be called Yahoo Shine – will be published with over 100 items of content, from written pieces to video tutorials.

"What brought me to Yahoo and why they brought me here is to create a beauty magazine that is different," said Brown, who serves as Editor-in-Chief of the venture.

Brown's ideas extend beyond cosmetics and into the wellness sphere. "I believe the better you eat, the better you look," she said. "The better you feel, the better you look. The goal is to be your best self." 

With the help of Managing Editor Britt Aboutaleb, as well as a handful of reporters and freelancers, including Joan Juliet Buck, Bobbi Brown will feed the site with fresh content on a daily basis. It will include product reviews – something that Brown won't be taking part in that herself – as well as interviews with influential women. 

Yahoo Shine's content will also include stories from partners like,, Refinery29 and TheCut. The site will launch with L'Oréal USA as an advertising partner, and will include photography from Henry Leutwyler and Ben Ritter. "It's going to be a visually beautiful site," she said. "I'm lucky because I get to do what I want to do: create content... I don't really know a lot about this industry but I'm diving in," she added.

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