Wireless power is set to take over

Wireless power is set to take over

Time to unplug

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Image: News Office MIT

The MIT professor provides the world with pioneering methods of technology that allow us to charge our devices by simple stepping into a room

In 2002, after stumbling into his kitchen to plug in his primitive cell phone that would beep tediously when it needed to be charged, Marin Soljačić had a eureka moment; "Why not get rid of wired charging altogether?"

He eventually got to work on developing a revolutionary method of wireless power, and with trial and error he managed to produce a prototype.

In 2007 he founded his company, WiTricity, which is now providing ambient charge for homes, cars, offices and devices.  His method consists of copper coils and magnetic waves that are eventually converted into an electric charge that can transmit and receive energy for up to 8 feet, and can penetrate through solid objects like desks, chairs and human bodies. Furthermore, one energy source has the ability to send a charge to multiple devices.

With Soljačić's innovation, and the wireless energy industry's expectation to boom by 2018, experts state that within the next decade we will be living in homes that have access to cordless electrical chargers in every room, whether they're in the form of floor mats, ceilings or even beds.

To add to that, smartphones will be manufactured to charge wirelessly and the advanced technology will inevitably prove to be beneficial in the medical and military industries.