WhatsApp announce WhatSim – unlimited WhatsApp messaging for just $10

WhatsApp announce WhatSim – unlimited WhatsApp messaging for just $10

SIMply brilliant

Today WhatsApp has announced that it is releasing its own WhatSim SIM card, designed to give users access to their messages while roaming, giving you unlimited access to messages, without using data roaming

If you are one of the 600 million WhatsApp users worldwide, you will know how rapidly the messaging app can become an utter necessity and probably, if you're honest, your number one mode of communication with friends and family both locally and further afield. You will also know that when you travel, and opt out of extortionate data-roaming, you feel bewilderingly cut off from your main-line of communication. Enduring life between pockets of WiFi access can be frustrating as you wonder what vital update may be waiting for its 'double-tick' delivery... 

WhatsApp have heard our concerns and are releasing a genius solution – WhatSim. A SIM card specifically for those who are travelling and want to use WhatsApp, but not have to rely on customer-only WiFi codes or flakey airport WiFi. The single SIM card works with over 400 carriers in around 150 countries, letting you chat on WhatsApp freely for a minimal $10 USD for the card. 

WhatsApp are really helping us stay connected with the recent release of the desktop client, and now this. It could be bad news for your travel companion though... 

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