Search is set for an online expansion is set for an online expansion

Bigger and better


The online magazine is working on its digital strategy, set to reveal a new website design in time for New York Fashion Week

The shift in journalism from print to online has become increasingly apparent in recent years, with readers refocusing their attention to the web, altering the dynamic of the publishing industry in a dramatic way – and quite frankly changing the reading landscape forever.

This evolution to a web full of words has impacted print magazines globally, and the effects are still being felt. Vogue underwent a website redesign in 2010, amassing an army of staff to oversee the dot-com version. The magazine's expansion has been more apparent over the past six months, with a greater transition of staff to the website. Firmly at the helm of the magazine's online evolution is Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour who is looking to dedicate a large number of staff to the website, exclusively.

The goal is to reveal the site in time for New York Fashion Week in September.

Those involved in the transition to date include beauty writer Catherine Piercy, fashion writer Chioma Nnado, and the recently hired Alessandra Codinha. With many others making the switch, the team is set to grow extensively – with a strong focus on the magazine's online strategy going forward.