Presenting Vertu's Arabic calligraphy collection

Presenting Vertu's Arabic calligraphy collection

Ultimate bespoke mobile device

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Vertu

Injecting culture into luxury, Vertu has partnered with a renowned calligrapher for a special art-meets-technology collection. Buro 24/7 Middle East has the deails...

Luxury mobile maker Vertu has introduced a collection of bespoke phones specifically for the Middle East. Designed in collaboration with artist Wissam Shawkat, the new collection features Arabic calligraphy on Vertu's New Signature Touch handsets.

"I'm honoured to be working with Vertu," said Shawkat. "The brand has changed the definition of what a mobile phone can be; from something very practical to an innovative, extremely personal object. Each phone combines hand craftsmanship with leading edge technology, resulting in a sensorial experience in both design and function. Similarly, I aim to elevate the art of Arabic calligraphy, whilst maintaining the heritage of the traditional Arabic art form, I aim to advance the aesthetic to something contemporary and modern.

The special edition phones are part of Vertu's Ramadan campaign but for the discerning clients who are seeking a more personal and one-of-a-kind device, Vertu is also offering the opportunity to commission the artist for a special project.

Discover the collaboration here...

The Vertu x by Wissam Shawkat phones will be available from June 1 at Vertu boutiques in The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Kingdom Mall, Stars Avenue, Salhiya Mall, Villaggio Mall and the Souk Beirut.