The ultimate 'Ventura 4' outdoor speaker

The ultimate 'Ventura 4' outdoor speaker

Weatherproof, heatproof, and created by Kef

Image: Telegraph

Most sound system manufacturers have been advancing speaker design, but Kef's latest system tops them all with the marine quality Ventura 4's

British-based company Kef, one of the top hi-fi manufacturers in the world, has recently released its latest product, the Ventura 4 speakers.

The outdoor sound system from the Ci Series can operate down to a freezing -40  and up to 70c and are salt spray tested, making them the perfect musical companion for any extreme voyage or seaside location.  Standing at just 9 inches tall the speakers can be easily mounted on any surface, with successful discretion as well as a detailed control set-up that has a waterproof dial to control volume. This can all be done via a smartphone app, making it easy to listen to music anytime and anywhere.

Kef Ventura 4

Find out more about the Ventura 4 speakers here

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