UP – a new health and fitness concept

UP – a new health and fitness concept

More than a band. More than an app.

Image: Jawbone

UP is a pretty impressive piece of technology. It may look like a simple rubber bracelet, worn around the wrist, but the UP band has the power to help you to understand how you sleep, move and eat, encouraging you to make smarter choices. Each purchase comes complete with a Smartphone App which displays movement and sleep details from your UP24 or UP band and delivers insights, celebrates milestones and challenges - even allowing you to share your accomplishments with friends via the UP App.

Up - A New Health and Fitness Concept

The band also vibrates to wake you at the optimal moment in your sleep cycle, ensuring a perfect nap or nights sleep and you can even scan or type in barcodes from food to collate your nutritional data.

UP is available at Virgin Megastores throughout the Middle East and online via Jawbone




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