Twitter introduces new photo features, including tagging

Twitter introduces new photo features, including tagging

Now available via the latest iOS updates

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On Wednesday, Twitter announced that it is adding some new features to its social media platform, from photo tagging to adding multiple images at once

The San Francisco-based company seems to be making a few upgrades to its world-famous website as it adds brand new features hoping to make its users photo-sharing experience more social and interesting.

Available through the latest iOS updates, the new features now allow Twitter users to tag up to ten people in a photo – interestingly with tags not counted in the tweet's 140 character limit. 

"Tagging people in a picture makes conversations around photos fun and easy," the company wrote.

Users will also now be able to add up to four images to a Tweet – which Twitter will automatically convert into a unique collage, while each image can still be previewed individually. These new features are set to start for iPhone this week, versions for Android and are said to be coming soon.

Nonetheless, the social media brand doesn't seem to be stopping at upgrading photo elements, as some users have been recently claiming that the famous retweet button on their iOS app has become a 'share' button. Users who have stumbled upon this new element of the website were being asked whether they want to 'share' or add comment and share – instead of the usual retweet button. It is known that Twitter often tests new tweaks before they apply it to the whole website, leaving it unknown whether the retweet will be replaced in entirely in the future...  

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