The XD window charger

The XD window charger

An eco-friendly gadget

Image: Design-3000

The new XD Window Charger allows you to charge your phone in style – whilst doing your bit to save the planet

With a new wave of sustainability awareness has come new forms of producing energy. One of the biggest ways to save our planet is through solar energy - a form of energy production that is becoming increasingly popular in our ever-wasting energy culture. Although it may sound quite tantalising to implement in everyday life, it is in fact not just easy but also super modern. The XD Window Charger is a stainless steel square that simply sticks to your window and harnesses the power of the sun to charge your Smartphone. Not only does this nifty gadget help save the planet, but it also looks much more sleek and modern that those bulky chargers that fit into our wall socket. 

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