Someone has invented the 'Selfie Mirror'

Someone has invented the 'Selfie Mirror'


Video: Vimeo
Image: BGR

iStrategyLabs has recently unveiled the ultimate tool for taking a selfie with its new SELFIE Mirror

iStrategyLabs has decided to capitalise on the popularity of the worldwide phenomenon of "the selfie", unveiling a unique SELFIE Mirror (Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine) – a two-way mirror which takes your photo and then posts them automatically on Twitter.

The concept involves a Mac Mini hidden behind the mirror with a web cam and LED lights embedded in the front. The facial recognition software installed on the Mac recognises when someone is looking in the mirror and initiates the photo-taking process  while the lights indicate when the picture is being taken. 

Watch the video on how the SELFIE Mirror works below now:

SELFIE Mirror from iStrategyLabs on Vimeo.

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