The new olloclip lens collection for iPhone

The new olloclip lens collection for iPhone

An innovative 3-in-1 lens technology

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Image: Olloclip

The olloclip is one of the latest photo devices for the iPhone 5, providing a fast and simple solution for capturing great images

Consisting of three different lenses in one compact and portable package, the olloclip for iPhone 5 offers largely improved camera image quality and effects at the ease of just connecting one lens to your smartphone. 

Olloclip for iPone 5 Lens

The attachable olloclip allows users to take high-quality images in a range of lens options including fisheye, wide-angle and macro.

In addition to its  unique picture finishes the new technology also comes in various colours and lens kit options - including a telephoto and circular polarising lens system. 

 The olloclip is available to purchase now.

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