The next iPhone?

The next iPhone?

As light as a feather!

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Video: YouTube
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SET Solutions have us excited over their new concept videos for an ultra thin iPhone 6

With Apple always surprising us with new ultra thin upgrades, like the MacBook and the iPad, the next iPhone will follow suit according to SET Solution. Last month they released an extremely precise rendered video of a concept for the next iPhone - the iPhone Air.

The concept is both impressive and disappointing: the more we look at the phone, the more we realise how difficult it would be to execute this idea flawlessly. The aluminium body of the new smartphone, according to SET Solution, would be only 1.5 millimetres thin at the speaker and 3 millimetres thick at the lower base of the phone. With the iPhone 4S being 7.6 millimetres thick, the iPhone air would be five times thinner - leading us believe that this could merely be a technological fairy tale.    

But there's no harm in dreaming about this novelty concept. The rendered iPhone Air weighs no more than an astonishing 70 grams - compared to the 112 grams the current iPhone 5 weighs. The model also features 2 cameras and an edge-to-edge glass display as a screen. The sixth generation iPhone, according to SET Solution, will also follow the iPhone 5 and will have a iPhone 6C model. Like the iPhone 5C - the model will come in an array of colours - but what sets it apart from the all the other iPhones we have seen in the past is its pronounced curve. 

SET Solution explains "our Creative Director has made introduced a new concept: an iPhone with curved screen... because life is a curve! The iPhone 6C will be the first iPhone with a curved display and body designed by SET Solution. Instead of being flat it creates a rather unique design and feel to the device."

We are trying not to get over excited by the idea of these ultra thin smartphones - even though the videos make it look so real, they are in no way based on reality. Although they look too good to be true we have faith that Apple with come out with something similar to the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6C by SET Design - or perhaps can come up with something even better.

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