Humanise your phone with the new 'Humin' app

Humanise your phone with the new 'Humin' app

A new world within the palm of your hands

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Bringing a human touch to digital interactions – 'Humin' technology is the first of its kind and finally gives your smartphone a feature that is able see people in the way you’ve come to know them

Founded by Ankur Jain, Humin is a new app that will combine your contacts, dialing and voicemail into one app. The innovative system will use contextual information to predict who your most important contacts are, and who you are most likely to want to connect with at any given time and place.

"It's almost identical to the problem the Internet faced in the '90s," Jain stated. "People forget, but you used to browse the web by alphabetical categories. Eventually, companies like Google realised you should be able to just search information the way you think about it so you can find what's relevant. We can not only predict who you want to connect with, but you can also search for people the way you think."

Humin studies the relationships you already have with your contacts by displaying personal details about each individual, and organising contacts based on their relationship to you, instead of alphabetically. For example, when viewing a contact, the user will see a menu of friends that they both have in common, and where they met etc.

The more a person uses the app the more it will learn from the users daily activities and people they connect with, strengthening its predictions. 

Humin, which has been in development for more than a year and a half, will make its debut in the App Store in a few weeks, initially launching on iOS while the company makes plans to launch the app for Android systems as well.