The Fashion Week specific emoji app by 'Harper's Bazaar'

The Fashion Week specific emoji app by 'Harper's Bazaar'

Thanks to London-based design agency Crush Creative

Image: Harpers Bazaar
Image: NY Mag

Welcome to the season's hottest trend, Fashion Week relevant emoji's that explain things perfectly...

In the midst of fashion week, no matter which city, the streets outside the shows are full of fashionable people discussing looks with their friends – or being photographed for a street style blog. However without doubt there is always a phone in hand, being checked for Uber drivers, or reporting to colleagues, and sometimes, words simply aren't good enough.

Cue Harper's Bazaar, which has created a new visual vernacular with an exclusive line of emojis. Offering more stylish versions of familiar Apple emoji's ensure users can be fun and fashionable at the same time.

Instead of using that oh-so tired out flamenco dancer to represent an after party there are a variety of options, some epitomising the designer in question specifically. These new emojis fit the time and the week, they include black pumps, a studded ear cuff and a pair of red statement lips. 

Other emojis include the faces of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld:


emoji HB

emoji HB

Harper's Bazaar collaborated with London-based design agency Crush Creative to create the icons, available now via iTunes.

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