The digital print ad

The digital print ad

A beautiful oxymoron

Video: YouTube
Image: The Mobi Mag
Image: ABC News

Google has opened a whole new way of advertising – combining both digital technology and print

The ever-evolving innovation of technology continues to blow our mind everyday - and this new digital print ad is a prime example. It's increasingly getting harder to promote print magazines in the new age of "online". Google - who never ceases to amaze us - has gotten extremely creative, to combine both the digital and print world with their new interactive print ad in the January issue of Wired.  To advertise the new Moto X smartphone, Google wanted to highlight its most promising feature, their customising options. In the print ad the reader is able to change the colours of the image of the smartphone just by touching its corresponding colour. The extremely impressive ad was built with membrane buttons, LEDs and a razor thin battery. This short video shows an exploded view of the technology behind this genius and very unique new project...

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