The best gadgets of 2013

The best gadgets of 2013

A year of technology

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Buro 24/7 wraps up the year with some of our favourite gadgets of 2013

iPad Mini with Retina Display

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The tablet - presented by Apple in October 2013 - was a breakthrough this year in the world of tablet computers, with a powerful processor packed into such a sleek and small tablet and with a crystal clear Retina display.



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The Anki DRIVE uses Artificial Intelligence to allow users to combine the real world and the virtual world of video games together - at the touch of your Smartphone. Each car is engineered to think for itself - it knows where it is, is can make decisions and it drives itself.  The Anki DRIVE was first launched back in June 2013 at the Apple WWDC.  


The Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4

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These two gaming giants hit the market this year with new consoles that impressed all the gaming community. Each of the competing companies released new innovative features - Xbox users were introduced the dividing of their screens, while the PlayStation upgraded to the finest graphics and computing capabilities.


Google Glass

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The IT giant, Google, created this advanced headset for your Smartphone that offered its users revolutionary capabilities: with a camera that allows you to capture shots from a first person perspective, it offers functions of virtual reality and communication capabilities. Google has really set the bar high in terms of technological innovation this year with the Google Glass.


littleBits Synth Kit

Both littleBits and Korg have collaborated to create this cute mini synth - making it super easy  to create music. The synth kit can be connected to speakers, computers or headphones and can also be used to make your own instruments. Known as the dice game of sound - whether you're a child or a professional musician anyone can enjoy this game. 


Philips Hue Bulb

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The revolutionary control system for your home, the Philips Hue bulbs can be controlled from your Smartphone of tablet. In a new wave of "smart homes" this revolutionary gadget has taken home technology to a new level.


Instant Lab

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With the Instant Lab we can now not only enjoy our Instagram pictures from the screen of our iPhones, but we can print them and frame them instantly. This fun gadget is perfect for instagram and photography lovers.


Pebble Watches

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The Pebble watch not only has a very appealing analogue screen - but its also the smartest watch we have spotted on the market this year. It connects to your Smartphone and displays not just the time - but can alert you if you have a call, with the callers name, you can control music from your phone, check messages and so much more. 


Leap Motion Controller

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In 2013, a unique new controller hit the market. With talks that this will replace our trusty mouse, the "box" can help ordinary computers recognize finger movements with high accuracy, where the user can control the cursor movements in the air. 

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