Tech talk: Instagram Stories’ new must-try feature

Tech talk: Instagram Stories’ new must-try feature

Personalise, save, store

Text: Meeran Mekkaoui

Image: Instagram

Instagrammers take note; one of the world’s leading tech apps has just introduced another new feature and here’s why you need to try it now…

Earlier this year, Instagram extended its social media offering by adding a draft-saving functionality, a new shopping feature, Instagram Stories and Boomerang. Now, the leading social media platform lets users engage more than ever with their followers thanks to an in-app personalisation option where you can add notes and messages to photos, videos and live streaming before sharing them with others. Heading in a similar direction to competitor Snapchat, Instagram Stories has also added filters that showcase the local time, weather and location. 

There's also two new additional tools, one of which allows Instagrammers to save and store their Instastories after 24 hours. The next new addition is a 'hands-free' button, which lets users record a video without holding the 'record' button. 

This new update is now available on Instagram. Also, don't miss Facebook Messenger's new personalisation features.