TAG Heuer teases with glimpse of new Smartwatch

TAG Heuer teases with glimpse of new Smartwatch

The countdown has begun

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Of all the Smartwatch releases to date, this one is one of the most anticipated

The countdown has begun. November 9 is the date that TAG Heuer will release its Android Wear Smartwatch. The watchmaker took to Twitter to announce the news saying: "Get ready to experience the next step in innovation," along with a sneak peek photo of the watch.

While details are still hidden in the shadows what we can tell is that it's round, has a button on the side, has minute markers on the outer ring and quite possibly black straps too.

As well on the tweet was a link to the TAG Heuer site where a countdown timer is set for November 9. Boldly alerting you to the fact that you're 'connected' might also be TAG's way of incidentally name dropping the new watch's title. The watch is said to be a milestone for the brand where tradition meets innovation, craftsmanship meets savoir-faire, and bold style meets breakthrough technology. And the clock is ticking!