Presenting the magnetic Spira iPhone charger

Presenting the magnetic Spira iPhone charger

The world's first interactive charger

Video: Spira ECAL/Alice Robbiani from ECAL on Vimeo

Designed by a university student, the Spira is a new project that functions as a charger, art piece and clock

Interactive design student Alice Robbiani from the University of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts (ÉCAL) has worked her way around the disadvantages of wireless charging with the new sculptural Spira device, which charges an iPhone and turns into a magnetic art work.

The stylish invention can fill up your iPhone with juice, as well as function as an visual piece and clock. The unique inventions is comprised of a specially designed case that you can slip your smartphone into and a wall-mounted base station. Although the Spira is only a one-off project, it shows the ways in which technology can be used as functional art

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