Groundbreaking: Hyperloop travels from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes

Transport of the future

Text: Faizal Dahlawia

Image: Hyperloop One

Get ready for the future! Dubai is confirmed to be the home of the first Hypeloop One transport system...

The promise of a transport system that connects every emirate within mere minutes has not only captured the imagination of the nation, but it's now set to become a reality. The highly anticipated Hyperloop One plan in the UAE is already in motion with the first phase set to establish a network in Dubai before linking the system with the capital and the other emirates. Then, the vision is to link the UAE to KSA in 40 minutes.

Hyperloop One Dubai

To mark this momentous project, Hyperloop One has released a video that showcases the interconnectivity of the UAE through its new-age transport system. Set in 2020, the video puts the focus on the mind-blowingly fast travel times – think 1200km/h to be precise – which sees commuters en route to the capital in just 12 minutes. But the vision extends beyond the rail system as the video also portrays the travel pods seamlessly integrating onto Sheikh Zayed Road, achieving victory in autonomous driving at the same time.

The Hyperloop One project in Dubai is scheduled to start operations in 2020. Watch this space but meanwhile, discover the luxury of air travel on an Emirates Airbus A380 with Jennifer Aniston.

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