Snapchat's festive present to their community

Snapchat's festive present to their community

The latest update from the app

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In a time of giving, Snapchat gives its users some fun updates to celebrate the season

As an early present this holiday season, Snapchat has released a new update to gift all of its users. "We just decided as a holiday present to the Snapchat community that we would put out a couple things we thought were fun," Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced on The Verge. The photo-messaging service has revealed a new range of photo filters - including the 'smart filter', which displays the time, weather and speed at which the sender was moving when the image was taken on the snap. Other features include a flash for the front facing camera - for all you selfie taking users - however the feature that has everyone talking is the replay feature. Users can now replay a snap that they have already seen - but are limited to choosing only one replay per day. "You only get one a day, so you've got to use it where it counts," explains Spiegel.


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