Launching soon: Snapchat reveals Spectacles

Launching soon: Snapchat reveals Spectacles

10-second story sunglasses

Image: Snap Inc

Here's the first look at Spectacles and why Evan Spiegel has renamed Snapchat to Snap Inc...

The cultural phenomenon that is Snapchat is now dominating the digital sphere with a new development, Spectacles. The sunglasses, which are installed with a camera that syncs directly to Snapchat, was announced following the news that the company itself is expanding and will now be referred to as Snap Inc.

Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel released a statement on the new Snap Inc website saying: "Snap Inc. is a camera company. We believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. Our products empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together."

Watch the video now to see how the Spectacles work...

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