Snapchat gains pace with style-led brands

Snapchat gains pace with style-led brands

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Snapchat is enjoying a growing success amongst fashion brands using it to reach their followers on a personal level...

Despite some privacy allegations – and the fact that is still no formal way of quantifying its impact in a business sense – it seems that the three-year old app, Snapchat, is starting to grab the attention of some big names in the fashion world.

Widely used amongst wealthy Emirati shoppers already, the clever mechanism for instantly sending images and videos that disappear in a matter of moments has something that nothing else does – a guaranteed 'lock' on the consumer's attention, meaning their focus is grabbed – albeit momentarily – to a certain point.

Currently Victoria's Secret, Nasty Gal, Rebecca Minkoff, Free People, Wet Seal and Nars are now all using the app to complement their presences on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  For now, Snapchat doesn't reveal specific figures about brands it has using the app, as they must also go through the app to see how many followers they have - but the service does appear to be gaining momentum...

"It started as something really fun, but then we were like, 'Oh, this is huge." Says Christian Parkes, Nasty Gal's Vice President of Brand Marketing. Nasty Gal used the app during New York Fashion Week with a snap telling customers to come to a certain spot to get a $100 gift certificate to The brand also hired its social media intern via Snapchat, urging applicants to send a snap to the brand's account for consideration. 

"As a brand, you can talk to the user on a really intimate level," Parkes continued, "With the exception of direct messaging, this is the most personal you can get from a social platform. Partly because it's in its infancy, but partly because it's least polished of any of the platforms from a content standpoint."

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