Introducing a new shopping app: Shop Spring

Introducing a new shopping app: Shop Spring

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'Spring' is a mobile app that wants to redefine the way users experience mobile shopping, without social networks and with the ability for super-quick purchasing

Designed by entrepreneur and investor David Tisch, Spring is all about fast fashion. "We're not a lifestyle app, we're a mobile marketplace of brands to consumers, a direct channel." He says. "People love social media, but when brands come in, it gets awkward."

"We think that the best shopping experience is not user-generated content and brands then jumping in, but how to capture that feeling of walking 5th Avenue or your favourite mall."

A key differentiator for Spring is how they work to secure new brands. According to a recent report in Forbes, the mobile app offers brands a parent app where they can 'live' and easily post products "with souls," Tisch added. Spring also "connects to the company's own back-end system and takes a cut 'much less' than the 8-12% typical for affiliate fees," according to the article.

Tisch was keen to emphasise how Spring is not another Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram app. And in fact, instead of relying on social media tools, he remarked that he would rather have users share what they find on such social media sites as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Then, the goal would be for the users to come back to Spring to make their purchase.

New shopping app

New shopping app

Tisch even demoed the product for Forbes and within 10 to 15 seconds, the investor eyed an Italian suit, entered his measurements and paid $4,000 via an imaginary pre-entered credit card.


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