The new foot scanning technology by iM Custom

The new foot scanning technology by iM Custom

Fashion's latest high-tech foot print

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iM Custom will soon launch its first dynamic 3D Gel Foot Scanner that captures the perfect image of a person's feet

The Carlsbad, California-based company, iM Custom, announced this week that it will launch as a developer of next-generation footwear technology and custom insole production that will serve the medical community and fashion retailers. 

As part of its US launch, the company will debut its unique 3D Gel Foot Scanner, a first-of-its-kind scanner that fuses science and technology to create the perfect 3D imprint of a person's soles.

Using the scanner, a person's foot can be seen in motion using a cloud-based proprietary code, the scanner will recognize, triangulate and then present someone's 3-D foot pattern to an accuracy of plus or minus 1 millimeter.

The scanner can also wirelessly transfer the information between its Android application on a tablet and its cloud network.

Foot scanning technology by IM Custom

Glen Hinshaw, CEO and company founder, said that insole sales are just one part of the new business plan. iM Custom will also offer the scanners to storeowners to help better fit consumers so shopping for shoes can be made easier. "Retailers can benefit even without the purchase of an orthotic," he said. 

The CEO also stated that e-tailers could eventually work with iM Custom to build their own database of foot scans to help match customers with appropriate shoe options based on their scans.

The scanning device can be rented or sold, with retail prices for the custom insoles ranging from $250 to $500 and take one week to be delivered. The premade versions can be purchased in stores and retail from $84 to $109.  

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