Samsung marks its 45th anniversary with new museum in South Korea

Samsung marks its 45th anniversary with new museum in South Korea

Reflecting on the past and present world of technology

Image: The Verge

This week, the famed electronics company opens the doors to its new Samsung Innovation Museum in Suwon, South Korea

The unique museum features 150 inventions and products from Samsung as well as other individuals and companies, allowing visitors to explore the rich history of electronics and telecommunications. 

"The Samsung Innovation Museum brings together some of the true historical masterpieces of electronics innovation," said CEO Kwon Oh-hyun at the opening of the new museum this week, "These inventions laid the technological foundation that allowed us to develop and refine products that enhance lives today. The museum gives visitors an opportunity to see where we've come from and also see where Samsung draws inspiration from to continue to create category defining products."

The five-story modern building has three main exhibition halls; the Age of Inventors, the Age of Industry Innovation, and the Age of Creation. The Age of Inventors exhibition displays original models of inventions from Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday and Graham Bell as well as showing the history of AT&T, Siemens and many more. 

The Age of Industry Innovation hall puts Samsung products, as well as its competitors', on display, while the Age of Creation explores the world of B2B solutions and Samsung's Smart Home — the company's vision of home automation — set to be unveiled in the not-too-distant future.

The museum also separately showcases the history of Samsung on the first floor, highlighting the company's corporate philosophy and its top technological innovations.

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