Samsung debuts freestanding 360º speakers

Samsung debuts freestanding 360º speakers

A new way to achieve surround sound

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Samsung have unveiled two new speaker models – the WAM6500 and the WAM7500, both of which feature the ability to provide 360º sound throughout the home...

South Korean tech giant Samsung continue its mission to dominate the electronics industry across all categorys, launching two new high-tech speakers the WAM6500 and the WAM7500. The speakers were carefully designed to provide 360º sound throughout the home.

A competitor to the ARCHT OneSamsung’s new speakers are both built around a specially-developed ‘ring radiator’ that spreads sound in all directions, and in doing so, imitates the effects of a surround sound setup. 

Samsung debuts freestanding 360º speakers (фото 1)

The new speakers will be available in early 2015

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