Samsung to introduce Android Wear technology this year

Samsung to introduce Android Wear technology this year

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Simultaneously supporting and competing with Android, Samsung has revealed its product strategy for the rest of the year

Samsung's product strategy for the rest of the year has been revealed, via an an interview with Reuters by the Korean company's Senior Vice President, Hankil Yoon.

Yoon has said that Samsung will introduce a new Android smartwatch, as well as a more "high-end" Tizen smartphone later in 2014 – with an active twist. The watch will run  Android Wear – Google's customised software, designed specifically for wearables.

Samsung's first attempt at putting together an advanced smartwatch based on Android is the Galaxy Gear, which was met with a negative reception at the tail end of last year, and the company quickly switched to its own Tizen software for the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo... 

In reference to the promise of a high-end phone built around Samsung's Tizen OS, it has been put on hold due to "poor market conditions," according to Yoon. Now, the company has changed strategy and intends to narrow down the focus to "a few countries where we can do well," suggesting that the future of Tizen will be in developing markets.

There's some potential for this to work out for Samsung, mostly because its strengths – aggressive pricing and overloaded spec sheets – match up well with what phone buyers in those locales are sensitive to. Expect its high-end Tizen handset by the end of June and the Android Wear smartwatch "later this year," Yoon concluded. 

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