Remix culture: The Story of the iPhone

Remix culture: The Story of the iPhone

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'Everything Is A Remix: The iPhone' – directed by Kirby Ferguson is a short documentary exploring the evolution of the iPhone

Kirby Ferguson, director of the popular Everything Is A Remix documentary series, has made a new mini feature on the development of the iPhone and its place in remix culture.  The five minute short explores Apple's innovation with its use of multi touch technology – not focusing too much on what it could do but how.

In this century we tend to use existing content from past and popular culture and apply it to advanced technologies to familiarise users when faced with these new advancements – which is what Ferguson relates to as 'remix'. This is highlighted in the case study by examining the iPhones interface – from using features that resemble real life everyday objects and experiences to mimicking competitors for the iPhones functions. Ferguson's take on this is spot on and well directed in this short video. 

Everything is a Remix Case Study: The iPhone via Vimeo.

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