Qantas and Samsung to offer in-flight virtual reality experience

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Qantas airlines have partnered up with tech giant Samsung, to provide its first class customers with a virtual reality in-flight experience

Australian airline Qantas Airways has partnered up with South Korean tech giant Samsung to provide its first class travellers with a unique virtual reality experience. The collaborative project will see the arrival of the Qantas x Samsung Gear VR goggles – a wearable that uses visual reality technology to provide wearers with the ability to experience an interactive 360° world.

The goggles will provide the user with a plethora of options, such as the ability to watch blockbuster films, experience various destinations in virtual reality and peruse Qantas' latest products.

A three month trial period will see Qantas' first class customers seated on flights between Australia and Los Angeles trying the new tech for themselves. Take a closer look at the new Qantas x Samsung Gear VR goggles in action in the video above. 



Virtual reality on board: collaboration Qantas and Samsung (photo 1)

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