The new 'Bebop' video drone camera by Parrot

The new 'Bebop' video drone camera by Parrot

The 'AR.Drone 3.0', to be more specific

Image: Hype Beast

A new and vastly improved drone camera has been revealed by US-based company Parrot – with a fish-eye lens to capture a full 180-degree view

Cool American technology design company Parrot has been creating chic consumer tech products for smartphone and tablets for a decade, and now it has revealed its new AR.Drone 3.0 flying camera. 

Affectionately nicknamed 'Bebop', the 14MP quadcopter-mounted camera offers smooth video recording via drone – even when being buffeted and swayed by wind... It does so by capturing extra video with its fish-eye lens across a 180-degree viewpoint and then allowing on-board software to isolate the desired frame.

The camera connects through Wi-Fi and can even stream directly to the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Parrot drone

The 'Bebop' is expected to release at just over $300 later this year. 

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